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U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Benefits

When an employee is injured on the railroad and will be medically restricted from returning to work for a period of time, the railroad itself is not obligated to pay the employee while off work recovering from the injury. The employee is eligible to receive Sickness Benefits through the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) as a source of income while off work. For these benefits to start, the employee and his treating doctor must complete forms that need to be sent to the RRB for processing. There is a seven day waiting period following the last day the employee worked before benefits will be paid and the forms need to be completed and forwarded to the RRB on a regular basis for these benefits to continue.

A railroad employee may qualify for a RRB Occupational Disability Annuity if the employee has 240 months of credited RRB service, maintains a current connection with the railroad, and is physically unable to perform the employment duties of his/her customary railroad position. To qualify for an Occupational Disability, the employee does not have to be totally disabled from all occupations. An employee can also file for an Occupational Disability annuity if the employee is over age 60 and has at least 120 months of RRB credited railroad service and meets all of the above criteria.

A railroad employee may also be eligible for a RRB Permanent/Total Disability Annuity if the employee’s medical condition is severe enough that the employee is rendered permanently and totally disabled from all work. Eligibility for this RRB disability is similar to the requirements for receipt of a Social Security disability annuity.

A railroad employee can apply for a Regular Age/Service Retirement Annuity and receive a full annuity at age 60 provided the employee has at least 360 months of credited RRB railroad service. Their spouse can also receive benefits at age 60, provided the employee is 60 years old and retired. The spouse may also receive benefits at an earlier age if there is a minor or disabled child in their care.

Comprehensive information can be found at www.rrb.gov

Great Lawyer!

Jeff Chod was my lawyer in a suit against MRL in Missoula Montana.He
distinguished himself in a very professional manner. His hard work,
extensive knowledge and attention to detail enabled me to get a
satisfactorysettlement. He was easily accessible and quickly attended to all my
questions and worries. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone due to his work
ethic and willingness to go that extra mile to insure his client gets the best
possible results.

~ Brian, Victor, MT
Changed my life

I met Mr. Chod in 2007. It was the best decision I have ever made to
hire him. I was injured and scared, and he did not know me, but gave
me confidence, told me to focus on getting better and he would take
care of the rest. Amazingly he did and I made also a friend for life.

~ Tony, Amelia, OH
My experience was outstanding

As a former MOW employee for Wisconsin Central Railroad in need of an
injury attorney, it has been my experience that good FELA attorneys are hard
to find. After having to fire my first attorney due to a very frustrating
experience, I found attorney Chod and from that point on, my experience
was nothing short of outstanding. Jeff treated me personally with
compassion as if I were his only client and understood completely
the seriousness of my injury. He fought a very long and
tough battle against a team of very high powered attorneys
with due diligence...

~ Todd, Wausau, WI
Railroad Incident

I hired Mr. Chod after I had an incident at a mine here in
Wyoming when I worked for the Union Pacific Railroad
and he did an excellent job of settling my case. Mr. Chod
worked well with myself and the doctors he talked to and
other railroad employees.

~ Connie, Douglas, WY
When you need a winner, he is your guy...

In September of 2014 I suffered a career ending injury at BNSF Railway. The RR choose to not do the right thing even though I continued to have faith in them. I talked to Jeff on a recommendation of a friend after many broken promises by BNSF. I had only done one thing wrong that night, and that was trusting BNSF to accurately train, and prepare a operator to safely work along side me. I talked with Jeff and he helped ease my mind and finally realize that the RR was not conducting themselves in my best interest or livelihood. My injuries physically were were permanent and the PTSD was overwhelming and learning to deal with it was life altering. Jeff worked tirelessly for me and my future well-being. He fought them like David and Goliath and we won.

~ Lisa, Memphis, TN
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